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A Spokane boudoir photographer is the perfect way to tell the person you love how you feel about them. Our professionals take a high-quality image that define what you consider sexy, allowing you to entice your partner and future husband. Kelly Tareski photography is an industry leading firm offering the gift of romance in the Spokane Valley. We treat every customer with respect and are ready to help you enthrall.

What is a boudoir photo shoot?

Valentines Day and your wedding are entwined with the idea of romance. These holidays offer couples a chance to cement relationships and show that they have what it takes to weather any storm. Intimate photographs are a perfect way to tell your partner how you feel about them.

Nothing entices better than an image. No matter who you are, embracing your outer and inner self creates the perfect gift for your significant other. Boudoir photographers create the perfect scenery and then create tasteful and artistic portraits of their subjects in lingerie and provocative poses.

A session is far from raunchy. It is a celebration of who you are, an artistic expression of self and a definition of what it means to be sexy. We treat every client with care and respect, helping them relax and find their inner and outer beauty.

Spokane offers a particularly wide range of sets matching any vision. From the rustic and scenes of classic Americana to more traditional bedroom style venues, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Our photographers are even available in the dead of winter to help you bring out the inner fox.

The city is one of the best places on earth to truly create images that you and your significant other will cherish. Some may even be used to show off to your friends.

Where can I have a boudoir photo shoot in Spokane?

Anyone can take a picture, but few people are genuinely photographers. We hone our craft over years, perfecting the arts of symmetry, lighting, and design. Our equipment and support staff bring out more than a camera phone ever will.

This is part of the reason that boudoir photographs are growing in popularity as a wedding gift. Instead of the common and poor-quality morning after shots, lovers give each other the power of image and a reminder of their love.

Kelly Tareski Photography is an award-winning photography studio located in Spokane. We won the Portrait masters bronze award in 2017 and 2018. We also work with clients from the moment they set foot in the studio or on set. Our makeup artist and designer helped us achieve the best headshot and branding award from the International Model and Talent Association for the past two years.

We are hard at work to ensure our reputation and offer an excellent Spokane boudoir photographer. Our ability to use any environment and our team of experts helps bring out the best in your relationship. A sample of our photography is available online.

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