private singing lessons Melbourne

private singing lessons Melbourne

Private Singing Lessons in Melbourne

Will private singing lessons in Melbourne make me a great singer?

We hear this question a lot, and there's no single answer for everyone. Private singing lessons in Melbourne or anywhere can teach you techniques that may improve your vocal range and make your singing voice stronger and more pleasing. At private voice lessons, you will learn the best way to breathe and how to hold notes longer. If you have a desire to sing your very best, private vocal lessons in Melbourne may be exactly right for you.

Is posture an important part of singing?

In a word, yes. At your private singing lessons in Melbourne, you will learn how to observe your own posture and correct anything that doesn't facilitate your singing voice. The way you stand does indeed have a big effect on the way you sound.

  • Stand with feet directly below your hips
  • Keep your feet as parallel as possible
  • Keep your backbone long and straight
  • Center your head over your shoulder
  • Keep your chin parallel with the ground
  • Keep your shoulders back, down, and relaxed
  • Keep your arms at your side
  • Don't fidget while singing

How important is breathing while singing?

You might think that breathing is breathing and let it go at that, but you'd be wrong. In fact, the way you breathe has a direct effect on the way you sing. Strong lungs and good breath control contribute mightily to the way you sound. Your private singing teacher will teach you how to inhale deeply using a powerful muscle called the diaphragm. Located below the lungs and above the abdomen, the diaphragm becomes stronger with practice.

  • Use your diaphragm to take a deep breath at an appropriate moment in a song
  • Open your throat as wide as you can, but don't strain
  • Keep your chest steady as you take a deep breath with the diaphragm
  • Gracefully expand your rib cage with each deep inhalation
  • Pull your abdominal area inward as you slowly exhale air and sing

What should I expect at my first private singing lesson in Melbourne?

The first time you meet with your private voice coach, he or she will probably ask you to sing a song a cappella, or without musical accompaniment. This will give your singing teacher a chance to evaluate your singing voice for strengths and weaknesses. As you sing, your voice coach will offer constructive criticism as well as techniques you can use to improve your singing voice. Don't take this criticism personally. Telling you what you do wrong and offering advice about how to correct certain singing behaviors will make you a better vocalist in the long run.

Melbourne Voiceworks offers one-on-one singing instruction with professional vocalists such as Jessica Aiezza, Alessandra Merlo, Anita Levy, Franca Locandro, and Lisa Flynn. We teach all kinds of singing to adults, teens, and children. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced vocalist or a beginner. Private singing lessons in Melbourne can help you achieve your best voice ever.

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private singing lessons Melbourne

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