Private School Ontario

Private School Ontario

How are private schools in Ontario operated and governed?

In Ontario, private schools operate as either profit or non-profit organizations, independent of the Ministry of Education. They are governed by school directors, boards of directors, or owner-operators.

Is it compulsory for private schools in London, Ontario, to follow the Ontario curriculum?

No, it is not mandatory for private schools in London, Ontario, to follow the Ontario curriculum, except they are seeking authority to grant credits towards the OSSD.

At Matthews Hall, we meet and even exceed the Ontario Curriculum guideline. We aim for children to be well rounded and to feel that they are valued. We offer a well-rounded curriculum that includes physical education, French, visual and performing arts, dance, and chess. Contact Matthew’s Hall Admission’s office: 519.471.1506

What educational qualifications and training do you teachers in Ontario private schools have?

Most private schools recruit teachers with Ontario teaching certification or equivalent who are in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers. Many of them have passionate, hardworking, and well-trained teachers.

What are the class sizes and student-to-teacher ratios of private schools in Ontario?

The class sizes of private schools vary significantly in sizes. However, most private schools ensure small class sizes and a low student-to-teacher ratio to help students individually.

What kind of facilities and resources do private schools in Ontario have?

In most Ontario private schools, you’ll find facilities and resources like a library, gymnasium, sports field, art studio, etc. These give the students opportunities to explore their talents and interests.

How do private schools integrate technology into the classroom and curriculum?

Many private schools equip classrooms with laptop computers and also have e-libraries. Some schools even offer tech-based courses like programming, computer science, etc.

What kind of extracurricular activities do private schools in London, Ontario, have?

Private schools have many extracurricular activities for students. They encourage participation in activities such as club meetings, sporting events, performances, campaigns, etc.

How much is the tuition of private schools in Ontario, and what does it include?

The tuition fee for private schools near Ontario varies widely. Also, the tuition does not all costs. You may still have to pay for school uniforms, lunch programs, transportation, extracurricular activities, field trips, etc.

Do you private schools in Ontario offer financial aid?

Yes, most private schools offer scholarships to families who might not be able to afford private education. It is therefore advised that you complete the financial aid form.

What is the best independent primary school near me?

Matthews Hall strives for education that reaches beyond the average and is based on children’s confidence and their compassion for others.

Through the encouragement of strong basic skills, good work habits, and participation in activities, the school nurtures in each student caring actions, optimistic spirit, a sense of personal value, and a belief in community. Contact Matthew’s Hall Admission’s office: 519.471.1506

Is the private school in my area accredited?

To know if the private school in your area is accredited by CAIS (Canadian Association of Independent Schools), you can visit the CAIS website to check.

How do I get my child into a private school in London, Ontario?

To get your child into a private school, you have to follow a process. The first thing to do is to find an ideal private school for your child. Then, you follow the admission process of that school, which can include applications, interviews, and tests. Contact Matthew’s Hall Admission’s office: 519.471.1506 to begin the application process.

Private School Ontario

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