A Strong Foundation to a Bright Future.

Phase 1

Phase 2

The ability to inspire others is an important skill, one that will help us achieve the success we desire.

Phase 1 is now complete. Tour the new building virtually by watching the Phase 1 Completion video.

Gifts to Inspire

Thank you to our generous Campaign Inspire donors.

• Matthews Hall Teachers

• Student Parliament Ice Cream Sales

• Hannigan / McCartney Family

• Maxwell / Wiseman Family

• Parr Family

• Rhodes Family
Meet the Artist Katie Wilhelm and learn about the inspiration behind this artwork

A message from our Head of School – Ric Anderson

For the first time in the history of our school, we are on an exciting path of a comprehensive campus renewal.  We have achieved the historic goal of ensuring all children and teachers will be learning and connected together under one roof. Researchers and teachers know that – second only to relationships – physical and social environments have a direct impact on what and how our children learn at school.

Lighting, acoustics, privacy, materials, textures, ethos, aesthetics, and personalization.  Qualities like these speak to the heart and soul of Matthews Hall and getting them right is a form of respect we owe our students.  By prioritizing “spaces that inspire”, we honour our past, celebrate our present, and move forward together with purpose and confidence.

You will be inspired!


Our Ambition

Matthews Hall will focus on student achievement and success by encouraging and nurturing each unique child. To accomplish this, we will provide rich learning opportunities in academics, arts, athletics and active citizenship – all with the goal of helping children to take their place in the world. We will inspire a growth mindset in our students , which will help them learn by embracing challenges and taking risks. We will accomplish this and more by modeling the kind of effort and optimism that is essential to success in school and in life.

The Plan

Phase 1 on the east side of the property, is now complete. This will allow for future phases of our campus master plan to take place over the next few years and give us the room we need to enhance the highest quality student experience.

Phase 1 $ 6 million Homeroom Addition + 10 Classrooms

Phase 2 $ 4 million Early years block

Phase 3A $ 2.5 million Arts block

Phase 3B $2 million Arts block

Phase 4 $ 1.5 million Exterior

Phase 5 $ 1.5 million Dining hall block


Our Request

Every gift, regardless of size, sends a powerful message to our students and school while inspiring others in their own giving. Independent schools need donations and gifts to support immediate enhancements beyond what tuition fees provide.
Inspire aims to raise $5 Million to cover the costs of Phase 2 and initiate the commencement of Phase 3.