education Prince George

education Prince George

Why Choose a Montessori Education in Prince George:

There are numerous benefits associated with choosing a Montessori education over a traditional school. When you choose Prince George Montessori Education Society for your child, you’ll see with your own eyes the difference a quality Montessori education can make in the life of your child. We believe in the ethical concepts of Maria Montessori, that the first duty of an education is to stir up life but leave it free to develop. Our Montessori methods are designed to encourage the natural curiosity in a child, leading to a lifetime of love for learning.

Consider just a few benefits of a Montessori education at Prince George Montessori:

In a Montessori classroom, the teacher introduces activities to children and takes a step back into the shadows to watch and supervise as students are free to pursue their own interests at their own pace. Rather than the teacher being the prime focus of the classroom, the activity itself can take center-stage.

Individual instruction is more successfully achieved in the Montessori classroom, since the teacher is not duty-bound in reading and dictating to a classroom of students every minute that class is going on. Working one-on-one with students who want or require their help can ensure a better grasp of tasks.

The teacher relinquishes her tole as headmaster in the Montessori classroom and takes on the role of the mentor. Once the students have watched a demonstration of a particular activity, they are then encouraged to try it for themselves. Some tasks are challenging and will require the student to figure it out or call on the teacher to again demonstrate the activity.

Montessori learning is not limited by age. The mixed-age group of students is more realistic to real-life learning that would take place in a natural setting. Artificial age-limiting classrooms set students up for failure and conform them to the standards of others rather than allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Children learning from other children creates an environment that is truly inspiring to both younger and older students. This positive exchange of experience benefits younger students who are encouraged by their acceptance to the group while older students take on a great sense of pride through mentoring.

Work that is uninterrupted by hourly bells or schedules allows for a greater level of immersion into the activity. Tasks that are difficult to achieve can be managed in a child’s own natural process, whether in small increments or by long time-frames of labor.

Montessori education at Prince George Montessori is superior for the development of your child’s natural learning process and one that we highly recommend for children who may have been labeled as difficult to teach or ‘different’ from other children. In fact, we feel Montessori is the right method of teaching for every child. You can find out more about our school by visiting our website or by contacting our office by phone at 250-562-6560.

education Prince George

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education Prince George

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