Our students are offered unique learnng opportunities in French, thus benefiting from an outstanding educational experience in both official languages. Our immersion-type exclusive FSL program is specially designed to help students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 gain a solid knowledge of the French language through an appoach that emphasizes self-discipline, autonomy, creativity and intellectual curiosity.

Making the best of a Matthews Hall French experience allows students to develop a level of proficiency comparable or superior to the one expected from immersion programs. Right from the start, participants develop strong conversational skills as they have to memorize an extended vocabulary while only using French in all their classroom interactions or during special activities. from baking workshops to year-end celebrations.

Kindergarten Ontario

The Matthews Hall French program philosophy is based on daily repetition, personal effort and achievement of long-term goals. Regardless of their previous experience of the language, students progress at their own rhythm through a personalized multi-level approach. Each level features a vocabulary of 500 words, interactive virtual flashcards, traditional stories, poems and songs, along with a wide range of tailored reading and writing exercises.

Junior Kindergarten London Kindergarten London

Students who complete our first five levels of achievement display a level of competency equivalent to the one attained at the end of secondary school and are equipped with a cultural background that prepares them to become vibrant members of the Francophone world.

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